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February 4, 2013
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It was easter once again. You were 8 years old and wearing your best spring dress. Your basket swung by your side as you roamed the forest looking for the wonderfully colored eggs Mr.Bunny had left you.

“Don’t go too far [Name].” your parents shouted to you.

“Okay!” you shouted back and continued on. You came to a boulder and walked around it, looking for eggs, when you heard a voice with an accent. Was it British, or Australian?

“There, that’s the last of them!” it said and you peeked around the edge of the giant rock to see a very tall bunny. You were a bit mischievous at your age and snuck up behind him. Stopping a few feet away, you took in a deep breath.

“BUNNY!!!!!” you shouted. The bunny jumped and turned around, wielding a boom-a-rang. You giggled at his frightened expression. He looked down at you and sighed, putting his boom-a-rang away.

“Scared you! You’re the Easter Bunny aren’t you?” you asked, still giggling a little bit. He smiled down at you and kneeled down so he was more your height.

“That’s right you little ankle biter! Just call me Bunnymund!” he said ruffling your hair. You smiled up at him, then a question popped into your head.

“How do you make so many eggs?” you asked. He looked at you, a little surprised by your question, them smirked.

“You want me to show you?” he asked. Your sparkling (e/c) eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. You could only nod in response. He chuckled and hoisted you up, throwing onto his back. You wrapped your arms around your neck and held on tight.

“You ready?” he asked. You nodded. “Then hold on!” he said, jumping into a hole that appeared out of nowhere. He hopped through the tunnel quickly, bouncing off the walls.

“Alright! Woohoo!” you screamed, enjoying the ride thoroughly. Bunnymund smiled as he heard you whooping behind him. He popped out of the tunnels and set you down. You looked around at you surrounding.

Warm spring light trickled in, moss covered rocks and grass surrounded you. Many different springtime flowers blossomed everywhere. There was a pool of crystal clean water, and you could see to the bottom.

“Welcome to the Warren.” Bunnymund said. You laughed and ran around, exploring. When you came over a hill, you saw some little white things with stubby little legs running around. Looking closer, you saw that they were eggs.

“Wow!” you said, amazed. Bunny hopped over to you, gazing at you fondly.

“You want to help make some for next year?” he asked. You looked up at him again. He wanted you to help make easter eggs? WOW! You nodded vigorously. He chuckled and led you to where the line of easter eggs started.

You spent just about all of your time making eggs. But it wasn’t long before you started yawning, tired out by all the excitement. Bunnymund smiled at you adoringly, he had taken quite a liking to you.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” he said. You could only nod and cuddle into him as he picked you up in his furry arms. When you had returned, he set you down on your feet, close to your house so you wouldn’t have to walk far.

“There you go.” he said, dusting you off a little. You felt sad.

“I don’t want you to go!” you said, pouting. He chuckled and set his paws on your shoulder.

“Close your eyes, I have something for you.” he said. You pouted, but closed them. there was some ruffling before you heard him speak.

“Okay, now open,” you did and in resting in the palm of his paw was to most beautiful (f/c) egg you’ve ever seen. It sparkled with sparkles from the stream you had seen earlier and beautiful golden designs covering it.

“It’s beautiful.” you whispered out. Bunnymund took one of your small hands and placed it in your palm.

“Always believe [Name]. Never stop. I’ll visit, every year. Always meet me by that boulder.” he said, kissing your small forehead a kiss before disappearing down a hole.

“I promise.” you whispered into the empty air.


As promised, Bunnymund would visit you every year on Easter. Most of the time he would bring you back to the Warren and you would spend that day together. It was the time of year you looked forward to most.

Your feelings for him were always of love. But now you are 16, and that love has changed. It changed from wanting to be with him, to wanting to kiss him. Instead of sibling kind of love, you now found yourself thinking about romance.

Over the years, you were not the only one to think this. Bunnymund was also feeling new things for you. He couldn’t help but notice how attractive you had become over the years. He would sometimes sneak out to your house at night and gaze at you.

During the Easter of your 17th year, you waited by the boulder, your spot. Your heart beat quickened just by thinking about him. You hear a twig snap and looked around. Was he here?

“Bunnymund?” you asked. To your surprise, you saw a man, who looked to be in his late teens early twenties, walk out from behind a tree. He had gray hair and wore a wife beater underneath a plaid green and gray button up shirt, loose faded blue jeans sitting on his hips.

You blushed as you looked him up and down. You had no idea who he was, but you looked familiar. When your eyes finally met, you were shocked at how green they were. A familiar green.

“Mundy?” you asked, using a nickname you had come up with. He smiled at you and walked over to you.

“Hello love.” he said in that sexy accent. You hugged, having been a full year since you had seen him. He buried his face in your hair, taking in your scent.

“Why are you like this?” you asked when you pulled away. He just shrugged, blushing a tiny bit.

“I just wanted to try something.” he said. “You grew your hair out.” he said, taking a piece and bringing it to his lips. “I like it.” Your face flushed at his actions. He had never acted this way before.

“Thanks. I’m glad you like it.” you said, then cleared your throat. “So, what are we going to do today?” you asked. He smiled.

“Let’s go to the Warren.” he said. You agreed wholeheartedly.

When you arrived, you started off by helping paint some eggs. It was peaceful for a while, but your mischievous side got the better of you. You plucked one of the paint spraying flowers and walked up behind Bunnymund.

“Oh Mundy~” you called. He turned around and his face was covered with orange. You laughed and started rolling on the ground. He wiped the paint off his face and took the flower from where you had dropped it. You saw this coming and stood up, running away.

“Come back here!” he shouted after you as he chased you. You squealed and giggled as you ran. He was catching up to you, gaining quickly. You tried to run faster, but tripped, falling into the glitter stream. You sputtered and resurfaced, finding Bunnymund clutching his stomach, laughing. You were feeling a little lonely in the glitter river, so you reached up and pulled him in with you.

He tumbled in with you. You both laughed at each other and without knowing it, you were holding each other. When your laughter died down, you were gazing into each others eyes. Without thinking, you both leaned in, closing your eyes.

Your lips met, and it was like fireworks. It was chaste, and quick, but powerful. When you two pulled away, you were both blushing.

“Bunnymund, I-”

“Aster.” he interrupted you.

“What?” you asked.

“Call me Aster. That’s my real name.” he told you. You just nodded.

“I . . . I think I love you.” you said. He smiled down at you and kissed you again.

“I love you too.”
So here's my first fulfilled request!!!

This is for :iconmeerkat--love: I hope you like it!!!!

This is a one shot. I'm going to keep most of my requests to that.
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