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August 18, 2012
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(Contains: violence/gore)

It was raining. Hard. You were at the cemetery. Your best and only friend in the world had just died from a murderer. A serial killer.

He kidnaps two girls at a time and abuses them. He always wears a mask or covers his face. He never talks besides grunts and psychotic laughter. And he always kills one of the girls he kidnaps. He then seriously injures the other and leaves her in an untraveled place.

You had been so scared. Scared into stillness. He was about to kill you. He had the knife at your neck and was about to slit your throat when you best friend, (F/N), offered to take your place. He seemed to like that and left your bound up form to go over to hers. Before you could say anything, she was gone.

He ran the blade across her throat and left her on the floor, gurgling up blood. You had seen it all. The pictures and memories always haunted you. By the time you found the strength to move, he had come back over to you and brought his bat with him. You would have been able to take his bat abuse, had it not been for the nails he had stuck in it.

You had passed out from blood loss. When you woke up, you were in hospital room. The police questioned you about your experience. You didn't say anything. Just sat there. A hollow shell of your past self. They eventually left.

A days later, they found your friends body. When you were informed, you didn't cry. But you did hurt.

It was your fault she was dead.

You were still recovering in the hospital when she was buried. You had missed her funeral.

When you were finally discharged, you went home and just laid on your cold floor. You couldn't close your eyes. When you did, all you saw was him. Or even worse. Your friend. Her body all bruised and covered in blood. Red, crimson blood. You would hear his bone chilling laugh. So you never slept.

You had been informed of where your friend was buried. And that's where you found yourself now. Clothed in black and soaked by the heavy rain that poured over your sorry existence.

You ad bought white anemones and placed them on her grave.

You did care about anything anymore. Your family had disowned you. Wanting absolutely nothing to do with you. You had no friends. Everyone thought you were a freak. And now you one and only friend was gone. Like a delicate feather, blown away in the wind.

You could feel tears coming to your eyes. You needed to leave this place, and soon. You couldn't stand being here anymore. You stood, not even feeling the mud roll off your black skirt. Nor did you care.

You walked and walked. What would you do now? You had nothing to live for anymore. No one would miss you if you died. Maybe you should.


Matthew had been for a walk in the afternoon when it started to rain.

"Oh maple!" he said and started heading back home. He had forgot his umbrella and couldn't see from the rain getting on his glasses. He didn't see you until he had accidentally tripped you, making you fall on you face.

"OH! I-I'm s-s-so s-sorry! A-are you a-all right?" he asked you, kneeling down beside you. When he rolled you over, he saw you eyes closed and you weren't moving.

"I-is s-she d-d-dead?!" he yelped. But then you rolled onto your side, moaning from the nightmare you were really having. That's when he realized you were asleep.

He didn't know what to do! He didn't want to leave you here, but he didn't know you either. He decided to just screw it and take you to his home until you woke up.


You couldn't see anything, or hear anything. That is, until you heard his laugh. That hair raising, bone-chilling laugh. A demons laugh. You ran, but you didn't know where the laugh was coming from, so you just ran. You didn't get far before you tripped over something, looking at what you tripped over, you saw you friends bloodied body.

You shook in fear. She looked so lifeless. But then her head turned towards you and blood dribbled out of her mouth as she spoke to you, he eyes soulless.

"It's all your fault you I died, _________. You're the reason I'm dead."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" you screamed as you jolted out of bed. When you looked around, you didn't recognize the room you were in. You scrambled to the corner of the bed. Your heart was raising and about to jump out of your chest. When you clutched your chest, you noticed someone had changed you out of your black shirt and skirt and into some grey sweets and a blue t-shirt that was a size too big.

"W-what's going on in h-here?" a voice asked as a man barged in. You froze. It happened again. You thought. You surprisingly calmed down and looking at him. He just stared back at you. When he didn't move, you spoke.

"What are you waiting for?" you asked him. No emotion in your voice.

"W-what?" he asked back.

"Kill me and get it over with. Or are you going to rape me first?" you asked him. He looked at you, very confused.

"I-I'm not g-going to k-k-kill you!"
sorry guys! this it the updated version! deleted the other one! real sorry about that!!!

talk about embarrassing

not my pic

Pt2: [link]


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