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You sat at a wooden table, a pile of delicious looking pancakes sat in front of you. Across the table from you was the man that had taken you. He seemed to become transparent, but you never lost full sight of him.

"You should eat something." He said. You looked back to the pancakes, they looked delicious. You picked up your fork and took a small bite. They were delicious! You took another bite, then another, until the whole plate was empty.

"They were . . . good." You said and looked away.

"I-I'm gland you l-liked them." The man said. There was an uncomfortable silence for a while until the man spoke.

"My n-name is M-Matthew W-Williams." He said. You remained quiet. You didn't quite trust him with your name yet. You were about to ask him why you were here when you felt something soft on you leg. Looking down, you saw a little white dog. But when you picked it up, you saw it was a polar bear!

"Who are you?" it asked you. You sighed and gave a microscopic smile.

"Nobody important." You said to it. You set the polar bear down on your lap and petted it.

"W-would you l-like to t-take a shower? I p-promise I'm not going to hurt you." Matthew said. You looked at him and read his body language. He looked nervous, and not very social. But he was kind to you and seemed to be genuinely worried.

"Thanks." You said. He lead you to the bathroom and gave you a change of clothes. You went in and closed the door; locking it behind you.

~~~~Le time skip ~~~~~~

After your shower, you changed and exited. It had felt good and you were relaxed. You went back to the room you woke up in and saw that on the bed was your black outfit, washed and cleaned.

"I washed dried them. They were covered in mud." Matthew said coming up behind you. You whirled around and backed up, scared of him a little.

"S-sorry! I-I didn't mean t-to scare you!" he said and became more transparent. You nodded, but kept your distance.

"Thank . . .you," you said. You then handed him the cloths that you were wearing before. He took them and hesitated for a moment.

"N-not to be r-r-rude or anything. B-But would you l-like me t-to take you h-home?" he asked. You thought about this for a moment. He had shown great kindness to you, and you trusted him a little more. Enough with your name at least.

"I'll leave now. If that's what you want." You said and turned away.

"O-only if you w-want to. I-it's nice having someone notice me." He said a little sadly. You looked back at him.

"______________" you said. He looked at you a little confused.

"My name is ___________" you said a little more clearly. He looked at you for a while before a big smile spread across his face.

"I-it's nice to meet you, _-______" he said and stuck his hand out. You shook it gently.

"O-oh, and, w-when you w-want to got h-home, I-I c-can walk you h-home." He said shyly, a gargantuan blush on his face. He was cute.

"S-sure." You said and picked up your folded cloths. "Shall we go?" you asked. Matthew nodded and you both left. It was the middle of the night and you suddenly felt how tired you were. You led the way to your house and turns out, it was quite a walk away.

You kept stumbling and nodding off, even if you were walking. Matthew noticed this.

"I-if you're tired, I-I c-can carry you." He offered. You agreed and almost didn't expect him to kneel in front of you, but he did.

"H-hop on." He said. You did and felt comfortable. Obviously he respected you enough as a gentleman to not carry you in his arms. You really appreciated that. Wrapping your arms around your neck, you felt extremely warm and safe. You hadn't felt this way in a long time. And you loved it. And without realizing it, you fell asleep.


___________ had already told him her address, so when she fell asleep, he didn't have to ask her directions and wake her. Her apartment was on the third floor, but he didn't mind. The door was unlocked and so he went in. Quickly locating the bedroom, he set you down on the bed and covered you in the sheets. He was about to walk away and back home when you woke up and grabbed his arm sleeve.

"Please, stay." You said. You had slept peacefully on his back, but when he pulled away, you unconsciously panicked, which woke you up.

You scooted over pulled Matthew down to lie next to you on the bed. When he had given up and gotten confortable, you snuggled up and him. He sensed your loneliness and fear and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer. He blushed madly at this, but didn't want to be shy towards you.

He wouldn't be aggressive towards. He had read the papers, and knew whom you were. Even though you just met, he knew you needed someone like him. And he wanted to be there for you. You were the first stranger to acknowledge him.

~~~~Le timeskip to the morning.~~~~~~~~


You woke up to light purple ones and Matthews odd little curl tickling your nose. You remembered last night and how you had asked Matthew to stay with you. You had shown him your weakest moments and he hadn't laid a scratch on you. You knew you could trust him.

"G-good morning." He said to you, a faint blush on his cheeks. You smiled. A small one, but a smile non-the-less. Your first smile in what felt like years.

"Good morning." You said and sat up, stretching. When you looked back, you saw Matthew looking around your room.

"Would you like to stay for breakfast, Matthew?" you asked him.

"Pancakes!" he said turning to you. His eyes seemed to sparkle as he hoped you'd make them. He looked absolutely adorable.

With all his kindness, you unconsciously forgot all the terrible things that had happened to you.

"Sure," you told him and made your way to the kitchen. The only thing that you had eaten since the hospital(mainly because they forced you) were the pancakes Matthew had served you.

Taking out the batter and other necessary ingredients, you started to mix them together and pouring them on the stove. As they were cooking, your cell phone rang. Picking it up, you answered.


"Hehehe, hey there babe," you froze.

You knew that laugh.

It was him. The man who kidnapped you.
heres prt 2!!! don't know how many more there'll be

but i hope you'll continue reading!!!

btw not my picture.

pt1: [link]


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Hetalian-Canada Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
NOPE! NOT GOING THROUGH THIS AGAIN! *changes into bird form and flies away*
Allen: What the fuck!?
deadlyProxie Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"It was him. The man who kidnapped you."

Me: lol no. Fuck THITH THIT
:icontrainplz: *points at train* and there ith my ride! Goodbye mother fuckerth!
OoDisturbedNerdoO Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*Reads the last line.*

My reaction: :iconiwantitplz:

I really like this story, it's so addicting~!
SpiritStien111 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
thanx!! came out with 3rd. b sure to read it
OoDisturbedNerdoO Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall! ^-^
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Oh god... It's about to get real!
SpiritStien111 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
oh yeah
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