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August 19, 2012
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"Hehehe, hey there babe."

You froze, scared out of your mind. You had never heard his voice before, but you knew his laugh all too well.

"W-w-what d-do you w-w-want?" you asked in a very shaky voice.

"Just wanted to see how my favorite girl is doing. You know, I missed you when I let you go. I think I'm gonna take you back babe, and make you mine all over again. Hehehe." He said into the phone. You body trembled at his words. Fear washed over your body and you felt like you were going to puke.

Matthew had snuck into the kitchen and looked over at the pancakes.

"__________! The pancakes are burning." He said to you, but you weren't paying any attention to him.

"I know who you are _________. And I know where you live. I think I'll pick you up tonight. Mmmh. I can't wait tie you to my bed again and have my sweet way with you. You know, you look beautiful, when your eyes are filled with fear."

You couldn't move, tears streamed down you face. Your trembling had increased.

"See you than," he said before he hung up. You dropped your phone and sank to the floor, finally out of your trance, you sobbed.

"_____________!!" Matthew ran over to you, asking you questions. It seemed he had completely forgotten about his shyness.

"What's wrong? Are you all right? Who was on the phone?" he asked. You tried to muster up enough strength to tell him.

"It, i-i-i-t w-was h-him! Th-th-the m-man who t-t-ook-k m-me aw-w-way." You managed to get out before bursting into sobs again. Matthew wanted to do so much right now. He first ran over to the stove and shut it off, then he picked you up and brought you over to your couch.

Sitting himself on it, he sat you on his lap and held you close. You had wrapped you arms around his neck and squeezed the day lights out of him, but he didn't mind. If he could be there for you, he could. Since the first time you smiled at him, he had liked you, in a more than friend way.

After a while, you calmed down and pulled away, telling him more about what the phone call had consisted of.

"He said h-he would come and g-get me. H-he s-said he'd m-make me his all over ag-gain. H-he said h-he'd pick me up t-tonight. A-and that h-he knows w-where I l-live." You clung to Matthew again, trying to hold back the next wave of sobs.

"Come to my place." Matthew said. You looked at him.

"W-what?" you asked not sure if you heard him right.

"S-stay with me. You can stay as long as you need to. I won't let him hurt you _________. I promise." He said to you, looking you dead in the eye. You blushed a little bit at how cool he was being about this whole situation. You nodded and hugged him again.

"T-thank you." You whispered.

~~~Le time skip~~~~

You had left your apartment shortly after you had collected yourself. Now back at Matthews house, he gave you an official tour and showed you every room in his house. It was pretty big, but not too big.

"You know, ___________. If we tell the police about this man and what he plans to do, they might be able to catch him." He suggested to you. You agreed and he made the call. You waited for him in his living room, hugging Kumajirou. You had learned his name when you returned to his house, and it seemed that he took quite a liking to you. When Matthew re-entered the room, he gave you a small smile.

"They said they're going to do the best that they can. The FBI are on it and have a plan." He told you. You felt so relieved, you set Kumajirou down and hugged Matthew tight.

"Thank you so much Matthew. You've been so well to me in the past few days. And to a totally stranger." You said and pulled away.

"Th-then let's g-get to know each other." He suggested.

For the next couple of hours, you two talked about yourselves. You covered just about everything and found that you had a lot in common. You avoided talking about that man.

Matthew would make you food and talk about his brother, father, and uncle that he grew up with. When bedtime came, you slept in Matthews room with him. You were safe and knew that Matthew would keep his promise.

You both fell asleep peacefully. Or, that's what you thought.

You woke up in the middle of the night to someone walking on the creaky floor down the hall. Looking over, you saw Matthew sound asleep next to you. Thinking it was Kumajirou, you tried to fall back asleep.

When you heard the door open, you looked behind you to see a silhouette. A human silhouette.

"Hehehe, thought you could escape me, didn't you ___________? Hehehe," he reached out to you, but before he touched you, he screamed in pain.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" you looked down and saw Kumajirou, biting his ankle. He shook his leg, trying to shake off Kumajirou, but failed. Not giving up, he gave a final kick and set Kumajirou across the room.

Matthew had woken up and realized what was happening. He quickly got in front of you and became a wall between you and the man.

"___________, call the police!" he said. You quickly grabbed the phone and called.

"Hello, 911, what's your emergency?" the lady on the phone asked.

"We were wrong!! The Serial killer is on (Address). Come quick!" you said and hung up. When you looked back to Matthew and him, you saw the he had brought his bat.

"No one is going to get between me and my babe. Not even you!" he said and swung his bat. He hit Matthew in the arm and sent him to the ground.

You screamed and this and called out to him.

"Matthew, Matthew get up! Please! Matthew!" you yelled, tears in your eyes.

"Hehehe, he was a weakling. Now come with me and I'll show you that you are mine. I'll mark you as mine myself." He said and grabbed your arm, hauling you off the bed. He brought his bat above his head to strike you. You closed your eyes and screaed.

one or two more, depending.


i don't own the picture.

pt1: [link]


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