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August 20, 2012
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(Contains: violence/gore)

You froze. His sun glasses had fallen off and for the first time ever, you saw his eyes. Blood red.

Everything seemed silent and in slow motion after the gunshot fired. He dropped his bat and fell to the floor. For the first time, you noticed a bullet hole in his temple. Blood started to pool around his head. You had very mixed feeling and many questions going through your head.

Finally, the silence was broken when you heard a relieved sigh. Looking over to Matthew, you saw him slightly panting and holding a shot gun in his right hand. He dropped it on the floor and sank to a kneeling position. Once he had caught a little more of his breath, he looked at you.

"Are you alright ________?" he asked you, looking over your body for injuries. That's when your brain started working again. Matthew had shot him. Matthew had saved your life.

Matthew had killed him.

You rushed over to him and hugged him close. Tears of relief and left over fright poured down your face.

"I-I was so s-scared! A-are you o-okay? Are you hurt anywhere?" you asked him. When you pulled away, you saw he had a gash where he had hit his head on the floor.

"I'll be fine. Are you sure you're okay?" he asked you.

"I'll be fine, he didn't hurt me this time. You-"

"Police! We're coming in!" you both heard the front door kicked open and footsteps rushing in. They soon found you and saw his body on the floor. Putting their guns away, the brought you both to different rooms to ask you questions.

Your interrogation didn't last as long as Matthews for some reason. There could be multiple factors to this. You just hoped that they wouldn't arrest him for murder. He had saved you and protected you like he said he would. He was just keeping him promise.

You had patched up Kumajirou given him some fish as a treat for being such a good guard bear. Petting around his injury, he fell asleep on your lap. Thoughts ran through your head. The biggest one being, It's all over now.

When everything was done and the police had cleaned up everything, two strangers had come over. Both men.

The first one had shoulder length wavy blonde hair and was French. Matthew called him Papa, so he must be his father. You saw a little resemblance, but personality wise, they were completely different. Later on, you found out that his name was Francis Bonnefoy.

The next man to arrive was British and had a gentlemanly atmosphere around him. He had shaggy blonde hair and the biggest eyebrows you had ever seen. You held back the urge to pet them. After introducing himself as Arthur Kirkland, you found out that he was Matthews uncle whom he had lived with for an amount of years.

"Are you both alright lo-"

"The hero is here to save you all from whatever evil villain that harms you!" you all heard a loud voice barge though the door. When you looked over to see who it was, you froze.

It was him.

He saw you and smiled at you. You felt a shiver go down your spine.

"Don't worry my damsel in distress, I'll save you!" he said you and scooped you up bridal position.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" you screamed and tried pushing him away from you, struggling to get out of his grip.

"No no no no no no NO!" you shouted at him. You managed to get out of his arms and ran away. Without thinking, you ran down the hall and up the stairs to the upstairs closet. You sat yourself next to the vacuum and buried yourself in sheets.

How could he be alive? Matthew had shot him. He was supposed to be dead!


I heard ___________ scream and looked over to see Alfred holding her. She looked just as scared as she did when he had come for her. She struggled out of his grip and ran away.

"Wh-what did you do t-to her?" I questioned him. Alfred looked at me and shrugged.

"The hero has no idea. She just freaked out, like I was some monster." He said.

"You git! Haven't you heard? It was your 2p! who had been killing all those girls! She was the latest one he let go!" shouted Arthur. Alfred was confused for a moment, then realization hit him like brick.

"The hero made a boo boo, didn't he?" he said.

"Oui, mon ami. You have made a very big booo booo." Francis said from his place next to Arthur. There was silence before Matthew, for the first time in his life, broke it.

"I'm going to go find ________." He said and walked off to do just that. The three other blondes watched after him in surprise, he had never broken any kind of silence before, and they had only heard him not stutter on very rare occasions, mostly when it was only a one word sentence.

Matthew had searched every room in the house and still couldn't find you. He was starting to get worried, that is, until he passed the upstairs hall closet and heard some shuffling.

"____________?" he asked and opened the door. Looking around, he saw a shaking pile of sheets. Slowly and carefully, he removed the sheets and finally reached you. Your head was buried in your knees and were shaking. He gave a small chuckle, because even in these situations, you looked adorable and childlike.

"What are you doing in here ___________? Come out and I'll explain." He said gently and placed a hand on your cheek, gently lifting your head so you could look into him beautiful purple eyes with your shimmering ______ ones.

He took your hand and lead you back to the living room quietly. When you reached it and saw Alfred, you stiffened again and grabbed the back of Matthews shirt in a death grip.

"It's all right, he won't hurt you, I promise." He said to you quietly and made sure that he was always between you and Alfred until you sat down on the couch.

"Let's start off with introductions. _________, this is my brother Alfred." He said to you. Alfred gave you a friendly wave, but you just shrunk behind Matthew.

"Why does he look just like him?" you whispered to Matthew. He just gave a sigh and turned to you.

"I know this is going to sound off topic, but you deserve an explanation and I'm going to give it to you, but you have to promise to hear me though." He said to you, holding you smaller hands in his gentle and warm ones. You nodded.

You looked down to how he was holding your hands and blushed.

Matthew took a deep breath and after letting it out, looked you dead in the eyes.

"I'm Canada."
prt 4! here it is!!

for all of you who have waited, I hope you like it!

not really sure how many more I'm going to com out with

if you have any requests on a story you'd like me to write, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to do it!.

but since school is coming back, I might not have a lot of time to. but i'll try my best!!

I dont own this pictue or hetalia

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