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January 21, 2013
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“Tooth had pulled me into the room unexpectedly. I had no idea what was going on! When she confessed to me and . . . kissed me, I was shocked. This came out of nowhere. I didn’t want to kiss her, but I was too shocked to pull away. Please, you have to believe me! I love you so much!” Jack said and his voice cracked.

You turned to look at him, seeing that he looked to be on the brink of tears. You were still a little suspicious though, but you wanted to believe him.

You looked to the moon, silently asking if you should believe him.

‘He tells the truth child, believe in him.’ you heard Manny whisper to you. You smiled and nodded. Turning back to Jack, you walked up to him and gave him a hug. He immediately hugged you back, burying his face in neck.

“I believe you.” you whispered. Jack just hugged you closer.

“Thank you. I promise that we’ll always be together. I love only you.” he said and pulled away, just enough to look into your eyes. You slowly leaned in, eyes closing the closer you got, your breaths mingling together.

When your lips met for the first time, it was like fireworks. A spark ignited a flame that burned in both of you. Being the Guardian of Love, the first kiss told you everything, and this kiss told you that you would always be together, forever. When you pulled away, you both were a little out of breath.

“I love you too Jack. And I’m sorry too.” you said to him. He looked confused.

“Why are you sorry?” he asked.

“I should have let you explain from the beginning. I was just . . . too scared to hear your answer. Afraid that you would leave me.” you said. He just took you in his arms again, petting your hair.

“I understand. I would have done the same thing.” he said. You giggled as a thought came into your head.

“You mean you’d throw a tantrum and go into depression like a teenage girl?” you giggled again. His face flushed at the implication and he turned him head away.

“N-no!” he denied, pouting. You laughed because he looked so cute when he pouted. You brought his face back to yours and kissed him again.

“I’m just kidding. For a trickster, you don’t know how to take a joke.” you said. He stuck his tongue out at you and you giggled. A gust of wind blew by and you shivered, realizing how cold you were.

“Cold?” he asked. You nodded. “Sorry. Why don’t we go back to your place?” you nodded again.

“Yeah, and I can make us some hot cocoa.”


The cocoa had been made and now the two of you were snuggled together on your couch, a blanket draped over both your laps. There was a comfortable silence around you both. You rested your head on his shoulder, and he pulled you closer by wrapping his arm around your midsection.

You giggled. Oh no.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, looking at you. You shook your head.

“N-nothing!” you lied. He shrugged and moved his arm again, which made you giggle again. He looked at you, an evil smirk crossing his face.

“Are you . . . by any chance . . . ticklish?” he asked.

“What?! N-no! I-I’m not ticklish!” you denied, hoping he didn’t see through you.

He did.

“Oh, I think you are,” he said, his smirk widening, he set down his mug and yours, before tackling you to the couch and started running his fingers down your sides. You erupted into painful laughter as Jack found every single ticklish spot on your body.

“J-JACK! Ahaha! Sto- haha- op!” you tried to say between laughs. You had started kicking, trying to get him away, but he just straddled you, pinning your legs underneath him.

“No way! This is too fun!” he laughed. All of a sudden, the door swung open to reveal your cupids, staring at you. You both looked at them, then you noticed the position you were in. Jack was straddling you, his face very close to yours, his hands all over your body. To make things worse, both of your faces were flushed.

“Um . . .” and in a whoosh, they left. You looked back as Jack and you both laughed hysterically. Once it had died down, you realized that your faces were still very close. Without thinking, you brought him down and kissed him passionately. He kissed you back, the hot and cold body temperatures making the room very steamy.

“How far are we taking this?” he asked when he pulled away. You wrapped your arms around his neck, dragging him down.

“How far do you want to take this?” you asked.

“I want all of you, now.” he said and started kissing your neck. You moaned. He removed you dress carefully, minding your wings. His hands roamed your body as he kissed down your torso.

You brought his face back up to yours and kissed him. You brought your hands to the hem of his sweeter and started lifting it up, running your hands along his bare chest as it became more and more exposed. He moaned into your mouth and pulled away long enough to take off the unwanted clothing.

Between kisses and light moans, bits of clothing were tossed aside. (At some point, you had moved to the bed)

“Please Jack, I’m so hot.” you panted. You had never felt this way, at least, not that you could remember.

“Then let me cool you down,” he whispered into your ear. You shivered and blushed more than you already were.

“B-be gentle. This is my first time.” you said, a little embarrassed. He took your hand and intertwined your fingers, kissing you gently.

“It’s mine too.” he said.

You two basically melted into each other and made love. You both felt so amazing, the contrasts of heat and cold making it all the better.

“J-Jack! I’m . . . so~” you moaned out.

“Me too,” he grunted and moved fasted, putting your both on cloud nine.



You both screamed each others name as you reached ecstasy. Jack pulled the covers up and over you both, then pulled you against him. His cold chest on your hot back felt so good.

“Goodnight Jack. I love you,” you said, holding the hand that was draped over your midsection.

“Goodnight [Name], I love you too. Sleep tight.”


You woke up the next morning, the early morning light licking at your face. Opening your eyes, you came face to face with a sleeping Jack. He looked so majestic, so at peace. You couldn’t help but give him a kiss.

“If this is how I’m going to wake up whenever I’m over, maybe I should move in.” Jack said, surprising you, but you recovered quickly.

“I wouldn’t mind that. It’s the cupids and Bunnymund that you’ll need to ask.” you said.

“Bunnymund?” he asked. You nodded.

“He comes over a lot, and acts like a big brother. An overprotective big brother.” you told him.

“Oh, I’ve noticed.” he said, a little annoyed. You giggled and gave him an eskimo kiss. Your moment was interrupted when the door banged open.  

“Knock knock! We came a visiting!” North bellowed as he, Sandy, and Bunnymund entered your room. You flushed because you knew that you weren’t wearing any cloths, and you were in bed with Jack, who also wasn’t wearing any clothes.

The three Guardians all had very different facial expressions on. Santa seemed to not notice the fact that you were naked, because he just kept smiling. Sandy was looking away, his golden glow tinged with a little pink. And Bunnymund, he looked shocked, angry, and disbelieving at the same time.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?!?” he asked, not looking at you, giving you some decency.

“I see you have made up, da?” Santa smiled, walking closer to you and Jack.

“DON’T COME CLOSER!!!” you both yelled at him. He stopped and looked at you confused.

“C-could you all just . . . step outside for a moment?” you asked. Sandy and Bunny nodded eagerly and dragged Santa out. When they had left, you collapsed onto the bed, breathing a sigh of relief. It wasn’t until Jack pried your hands off the covers did you notice how tight you had clutching them.

“Come on, let’s get dressed.” he smiled at you. You nodded and grabbed some clean clothes, heading to the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” he asked. You looked back at him.

“To take a shower, want to join?” you asked. He nodded, a bit too eagerly, and joined you.

When you were both clean and dressed, you walked out of your room and joined the other Guardians, who had been waiting in your office.

“So why are you guys here? Is it Pitch?” you asked. North just chuckled.

“No, no, no. No Pitch. We just came to check up on you! But I see now that everything is alright, da?” he said. You nearly dropped to the floor at the simplicity of his reasoning.

“Th-thanks. And yeah, everythings fine now.” you said and Jack took your hand. You looked up at him and gave him another eskimo kiss. Sandy made a heart above him head and Bunny was rolling his eyes, making puking gestures.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” North chuckled. “Since everything seems all better, I think we should leave. Give you your privacy.” he whispered the last park to you. You saw Bunny face palm behind your back.

“Thanks . . . North.” you said, being polite. The Guardians left and you were once again left alone with Jack.

“Do you think this will happen a lot?” you asked him. He just shook his head.

“Considering they shoved me in a sack and threw me through a portal the first time I met them all, I wouldn’t put it past them.” he sighed. You sighed too and hugged him.

“Nothing we can do about it.” you said.

“Don’t worry about it, we’re in this together. Forever.” he said, kissing your forehead before resting his against it. You smiled.

A little fall of rain,
Can hardly hurt us now.

“I’m here. I promise I always will be.” he whispered.

“And that’s all I’ll ever need to know.” you whispered back. “I know you’ll keep me safe. And I promise to do the same for you.”

And rain,
Will make the flowers grow.
So for those who don't know, an eskimo his is when you rub your noses together. I'm not sure who wouldn't know that, but there might be someone!!

Yes, this is a lemon. If you don't like it, I made a non-lemon version of the same chapter. I promise you wouldn't miss anything if you read it. Some people just prefer to not read lemon, and I respect that.

So here you are!! the very last chapter!! Thank you all for reading. I'll be making a humanBunnymundxreader next, or something like that. haven't quite figured it out yet, but you should all read it!

Thank you so much!! I love and appreciate you all!

Ch. 6 [link]

NON-LEMON! [link]
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