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January 18, 2013
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Dear readers, when you see this *  that means that theres something in the description about the story. mostly pictures. be sure to look! it helps me to see these kinds of things.

“I’ve called this meeting because I have news! Man on the Moon has given me a message! There is going to be a new guardian!” North said excitedly to everyone. Tooth heard, but was busy with collecting teeth, Sandy was asleep. the only two who really seemed to be paying attention was Bunnymund and Jack.

“It’s not going to be a leprechaun is it?” Bunnymund asked. He didn’t like the leprechauns, the feeling was mutual.

“No, I do not know who it is, but now that you are all here, I’m sure MoM will show us.” North said. The moon glowed a pedestal came out of the floor. Everyone looked at it expectantly, including Tooth and Sandy. The pedestal glowed and a 3D picture showed up.

It was a picture of [Name], Head Cupid, an angel.


“Guys! I need 300 more arrows! And no buds this time! There were too many last year, we need to spread the love people!” You shouted as you flew through the workspace. Your cream and light (f/c) highlighted wings flapping gracefully as you landed outside the doors to your office.

“Hey [Name]!” you were greeted by Tooth when you walked in. You smiled at each other and hugged.

“It’s so good to see you!! What are you doing here Tooth?” You asked as you pulled away. Being birds of a feather, you two most certainly flocked together. You had been friends since the beginning.

“I have great news! But you need to come with me, I’m not allowed to tell you here.” she said, dragging you to the open window that she use to get in.

“Wait a sec! I need to do some things before I go! Just give me a minute!” you told Tooth and returned to the workspace. You gave a few orders and and informed everyone that you’d be away for a little while.

“Okay, now I’m ready to go.” she said and they were off through a snow globe portal that North had given her for a quick trip. You touched down in the toy shop with the rest of the Guardian.

“Oh, so she doesn’t get stuffed into a bag and I do? Why’s that?” Jack asked North right away. North shrugged.

“Is not how you treat a lady correct?” North said and laughed at Jacks pouty face. You went around the room greeting every individual.

“Hey Bunnymund! How’s my big bunny?” you asked as you reached up and rubbed behind his ear. He bended down and hummed as his foot started going.

“Mmm, I’m good.” he finally said when you pulled away. Everyone could see a faint blush on his cheeks, no one had ever seen that side of him before. For good reason.

“Sandy! Come here you!” you said and picked Sandy up, hugging him like a big teddy bear. He hugged you back, glowing a little brighter before you set him down.

“North, always good to see you, how’s that belly doing?” you said, giving his belly a poke. He chuckled and patted your head.

“Is good, like always. And you?” he asked.

“Just wonderful!” you smiled at him. He laughed at your pun. Finally, you turned to Jack, who was perched atop the globe.

“Jack,” you greeted.

“[Name],” he said back. There had always been something between you two. Jack had always teased you, and you would argue with him, when really you had a crush on him. But he would never like you, he wouldn’t tease you if he did, right? So you never told him. You were the Guardian of Love, and yet you couldn’t be with the one you loved.

“So, what’s this all about? Tooth said it’s great news.” you said, turning to the rest of the group. North gave a deep bellied laugh turned to look at the moon.

“Man on Moon has decided to make you new Guardian!” he said and all the elves broke out into song with their trumpets and bells. One came up to you with a silver scepter that seemed to shimmer with the rainbow. It stopped in front of you and bowed down and offered it to you. You leaned down and took it from the elf and it scurried away.

You looked at it and saw that there was intricate designs* all up the shaft and at the top was a beautiful (f/c) stone that wasn’t cut to any particular shape. The look in your eyes was like looking at the stars. They were shining with amazement and awe.

“Do you like it?” North asked you gently. You could only nod and close your mouth that had been open.

North pulled out the Guardian book and opened in. He had you place her right hand on it and you took an oath to protect all children and keep them all believing. Everyone welcomed you with open arms, except Jack. He came down from the globe and observed the cookies and hot chocolate that the elves had brought in to celebrate.

Despite his actions, Jack had feelings for you too. A simple crush, but he’d never show it. He acted like a child, the way he would tease you and fought with you like two little kids. Everyone knows that little boys tease little girls because they like them.

No one could really stay long because they all had a job to do, so everyone left in their own time. But Jack stayed. North had some questions to him, so he didn’t mind that Jack stayed.

“Jack, I must ask you question.” he said to Jack.

“What is it North?” Jack asked.

“Why is it you do not try to get along with [Name]? Why do you not like her? She is new Guardian now, you will need to work together with her.” North stated. Jack paused.

“I never said I didn’t like her.” he said, blushing a little bit. North saw this and his eyes went wide.

“Then why do you not tell her?!” he asked.

“Because I don’t know how to!” Jack said, getting frustrated. Now North understood.

“Then I will help you! I will make it so you can show her how you really feel!” He said and started making plans and rambling to himself. Jack just shook his head.

“Maybe just some pointers for now.” he said. North looked at him from where he was planning.

“Pointers, well, try not teasing her so much. Talking to her, and getting to know her.” North said. Jack nodded.

“Okay, I’ll try.” he said and was off.


You had just gotten back to your shop to find that there was a pile of broken bows waiting for her.

“What happened here?!?” you screamed. The other cupids looked at eachother and then one flew over to you.

“Nightmares came and wrecked all the bows. We were able to save the arrows, but at the sacrifice of the bows,” he said in the same language as Tooths helpers. Only you and her could understand what your helpers were saying.

“Okay. I want a quarter of you on bow repair duty, the rest of you stay on arrow duty, we’re making up for the sickness that went around now, cupids. Let’s do our best!” You shouted and a positive cheer from all your cupids. You picked up a bows and looked at it.

You felt sad that all these beautiful bows had been broken, and anger that Pitch was behind this.

With the help of your cupids, you got to work on repairs. All it took was a little love and magic and the bow was back to its beautiful glory. You were about ten bows in when you felt a little chill in the air. You looked around and grabbed your scepter, nothing strange. But you still felt a cold  breeze.

“You all keep working. I’m going to go check on something.” you said and flew up to your office. The breeze was definitely coming from there. Getting ready to blast whoever was in there, you through the door open and struck a threatening pose.

Inside your office was Jack Overland Frost, rummaging around through all your drawers and bookshelves.

“What are you doing?!” you screamed. Jack looked at you surprised and smirked evilly.

“Just looking around.” he said and reached up for a box on your shelves. But that box held your most prized possession, and you were not about the let Jack Frost of all people see it.

“Don’t you dare touch that.” you said in a deadly voice. The gem on the end of your scepter starting to glow. Jack’s smirk got wider.

“Oh, this?” he said, hand hovering over the box now.
* [link] this is the design on your scepter.

Hey guys!!!! I'm not really good as giving a description, but i just need to tell a couple things about this story.

so first, you are an angel and the head cupid. Your holiday is St. Valentines day, if you couldn't already guess. I came up with this concept, and if any of you have read the Jack x Cupid fanfic already, i'd just like to say that i didn't steal her/his ideas. I would have written things sooner but i only like to do one story at a time, and i was already involved with a story sooo yeah. :icondontunderstandplz:

you and jack both like each other, but you don't want to tell the other because of the way that you act. Jack just doesn't know how to show it, so like little kids, he's picking on you because he really likes you. this is what he's really like on the inside whenever he sees you :iconchuuplz:

I hope yalls likes this!!! I'll be coming out with more soon!!


Ch.2 [link]
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