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January 20, 2013
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It was dark where you were. But, you weren’t afraid. This darkness was warm, comforting.

You couldn’t feel any pain, but the last thing you remembered, you had been severely wounded by Pitch, and you were bleeding out. Jack had stayed with you when everyone else went after Pitch. Jack had been crying, and it had been snowing. He finally told you his true feelings. Then you died? right after?

You looked around, wondering if anybody else was here so they could explain what’s going in on.

“Hello? Is anybody here?” you asked. Your voice carried around the darkness and echoed. There was silence for a moment. You were about to call out again, but you were interrupted.

“I am here child. Do not worry, I will not harm you.” said a soothing deep voice. You were silent for a moment, thinking about what to ask next.

“Who are you?” you asked, turning around to see if you could spot anyone.

“I, my dear, am the first Guardian. I am the Man on the Moon. But please, call me Manny.” the voice said. You nodded.

“Why can’t I see you?” you wondered out loud.

“I no longer have a physical form that I can take. Like the earth, time has eroded me.” he said. You thought carefully about your next question.

“Where am I?” you asked, fluttering your wings a little, seeing if you could fly in this place.

“We are in your mind child. You are sleeping right now. Your physical body has been bandaged, and now you lay at Nicholas’ housing.” Manny told you.

“I’m not dead?” you asked in disbelief. You thought you had died. Manny chuckled good heartedly.

“No my child. But you were close. Very close. The other Guardians were able to save you.” he said.

“Why am I here though? Did you need to tell me something?” you asked him.

“You are a clever one. I knew you would be a wonderful Guardian. Yes, to answer your question, I do need to tell you something.” He went silent for a moment, choosing his words carefully. You waited for him to continue. “You know that the opposite of dark is light, correct?”


“Then, can you tell me the opposite of hate?” he asked. You thought for a moment.

“Love?” you said, unsure.

“Very good my dear! Now, what I’d like for you to do. Pitch Black has both darkness and hate in him. There is no changing him, there must be balance in the world.”

“So, what do you want me to do?” you asked, very confused.

“A way for you to protect both the children and the other Guardians, is with love. I know you probably already know this, but you hold more love in you than any other being on this earth. Spread it as far as you can, as much as you can! That will protect the children of this earth.” he told you. “Now, it is time for me to go. And it is time for you to wake up.”

“But how do I do that?” you asked. His laughter got fainter and fainter.

“It is simple my child. Just open your eyes.”


Your eyes shot open and you took in a deep breath. You panted and looked around. The room was cozy and had many elegant christmas ornaments. You sat up slowly, being careful of your side that had the wound.

That’s when you noticed the slumbering winter spirit at your bedside, head in his arms as it lay on the bed. You smiled sweetly at him. Has he been with you this whole time?

You reached out and ran your fingers through his silky white locks. He stirred his eyes opened. You pulled your hand away.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” you asked softly. Jack’s eyes widened and his head shot up, looking at you. There was a moment of silence before Jack basically tackled you in a hug.

“You’re alive! You’re awake and alive! I was so worried!” he said excitedly as he hugged you.

“Ow ow ow ow ow!” you winced as pain shot through your wound.

“Oops! Sorry, are you okay?” he said pulling away. You smiled at him through the pain.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just, not so hard okay?” you told him. He nodded and sat next to you on the edge of the bed. “Don’t feel bad. How about we try again?” you said and opened your arms. HIs eyes glittered and he hugged you again, gently this time.

“You had me so worried. Don’t ever do that again, okay?” he told you, tangling a hand in your hair.

“But if I hadn’t, it’d be you laying here. Or worse.” you said. He was about to argue with you when all the other Guardians barged in.

“[Name]!” they all shouted. They all rushed over to you, asking the same questions. ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Is there anything they could do?’

“Guys, guys! I’m fine.” you said then you spotted Sandy. “Sandy!” you said. You gathered him in your arms and hugged him. “But when-”

“When we went after Pitch, we were able to get Sandy back.” Tooth said. You just nodded and gave Sandy another hug.

“You sure you’re okay mate?” Bunnymund asked. You nodded and yawned. All this excitement drained your energy, which should be focused on healing you, but, oh well.

“I know I just woke up, but I’m really tired.” you said trying to stay awake. They all agreed that you should get some sleep and left, except for Jack. “You should get some sleep too.” you said to him. He just nodded and was about to leave. You grabbed his hand. “You can sleep here.”

Jack looked at you and smiled. He climbed into bed next to you and looked into your sparkling (e/c) eyes. “Don’t mind if I do.” he said. You giggled tiredly and snuggled up to him. Then a thought popped into your head, and started bothering you.

“Hey, Jack?” you asked.


“Did you . . . really mean everything you said last time? About spending forever together?” you asked, scared of the answer, but you needed to know.

“Of course I did. When I thought you were going to die, I could feel my heart breaking. I love you so much [Name]. I just never knew how to show it.” he said. You choked down a sob of joy.

“I love you too, Jack.” you said and fell into peaceful sleep in his arms.


Recovering had been a pain. The elves had brought you everything you could have needed, and the yetis acted like nurses to you. Everyone took very good care of you.

But that’s where it ended. They wouldn’t let you do anything by yourself. Bunnymund was spoon feeding you. Bunnymund! You appreciated the thought, but it was a little weird.

Finally, you convinced everyone to leave you alone so you could ‘rest’. What you really did was walk around silently throughout the workshop, careful so that no one saw you. You wandered by a pair of doors that were slightly ajar. You opened them a little bit more and saw Tooth and Jack, standing very close together.

“I really like you Jack!” Tooth shouted and wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck, kissing him. You couldn’t see his face, but he wasn’t moving away. You were too transfixed at the horror that was going on in the room you didn’t notice Bunnymund walk around the corner.

“[Name]! What are you doing here?” he shouted and started walking over to you. You turned to him, shocked out of your trance. Looking back in the room, you saw that Tooth and Jack had split and now he was looking at you.

“[Name], what-” but you were gone before he could finish, running down the halls, away from him.

“Wait! Come back!” Jack shouted after you, but you couldn’t hear him. Tears burned your eyes as you ran. You started to take off, and by the time you got to the actual workshop, you took off through the open skylight.

You were hit by a blast of cold. You weren’t fully healed yet either, so you weren’t surprised when pain hit your side. But you gritted your teeth and flew as fast as you could back to your home.

You crash landed into your workshop, startling all the cupids that had been busy at work. They dropped what they were doing and surrounded you. They were showing so many feelings. Happy you were back, worried about why you came crashing through the skylight, shocked as they saw some blood seeping through your tunic.

They worked together to get you to your room rebandage your wound that had opened a little bit. You told them what had happened and they comforted you. When they left to return to work, a hole appeared in your floor.

“Mind telling me what all that was about?” an australian accent said to you.

You told him about you and Jack. How he would tease you and you two would quirrel. You told him he had been acting weird the past couple times you saw him, before the whole Pitch incident happened. Then you he had told you he loved you, and how you had caught him with Tooth, kissing.

“That dirty little, don’t worry [Name], I’ll teach him a lesson.” Bunnymund said, hugging you as you sat on the edge of the bed. You snuggled into his surprisingly soft fur. Bunnymund was like an older brother to you, he would always be overprotective, but caring. You would hang out a lot.

Told you I'd get it out!!!! Sorry for all the suspense!! I know it was killing you all. But hey, this should make things better eh? :icondontundertandplz:

next chapter, coming right up!!!!

Ch 4[link]
Ch 6[link]
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